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Throat Chakra – attributes

Area of body effected: thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw, lungs, vertebrae.

Gifts of the 1st ray: Faith in God’s Will, Words of Wisdom

Attributes: Power, Goodwill, Faith

Chohan – El Morya

BALANCED: self-expression, power, will, faith, protection, direction, courage.

UNBALANCED: guilt, gossip, controlling, condemnation, willfulness, cowardice, doubt

Vishuddha – especially pure

Plane: Human
Panchavaktra Shiva & Shakini

Cosmic Ray 1st Ray
Day Tuesday
Esoteric Colour Brilliant Blue
Element  Sound
Energetic Focus Creation
Expression I speak
Sofeggio Frequency741 Hz
Type of Energy Yang
Planet Mercury Jupiter
Astrological aspect Gemini Sagittarius
Angelics Michael & Faith
Function Law – Business – Government
Earth ChakraHalf Dome Sierra Nv. USA

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