The Root Chakra is about our perception and feeling of safety, security and being connected with life. Be it feelings of connection with the Earth, with what we create and our perception of creation as a whole. It is especially important to our connection with the Mother and all feminine aspects of life.    Spiritually this sense of connection also comes through with a oneness with the Father / Masculine aspect.

In an evolved state our Root Chakra manifests as a reflection of the white fire of the Mother. Based on our personal state of evolution and consciousness, this is a fire that can contain all the colours of either the higher and lower realms.  When raised though a spiritually focused existence or evolved state it is one that purifies, balances and heals all other chakras.  When it is in a un-evolved and manifesting as one in a perpetually angry state its colour is a dark blood red, it is not raised but either coiled tightly or a dark downward spiral has been created. 

It is also through our Mother (or feminine) that our souls gain and express our sense of courage.  The courage to help heal and nurture via the feminine aspect, and or protect expressed via spirit – the masculine aspect.

Being grounded and balanced in the fullest sense of the word is in the understanding that the physical Mater universe was created by the feminine for the expression of our highest spiritual goals through the masculine.

Thus because one cannot truly exist without the other, one is also not better or preferable than another.  They are the expression of each other that is essential for the existence of the other.  Each is an expression of the vision of the divine.  Mater – Mother is what creates the form that gives birth to the spirit. Mater is the instrument / Spirit is the Music.

An old concept of spiritual vs mater was reinforced by those that believed in such a thing through many religions. An idea that one must be separate from world to be spiritual (go live in a cave somewhere) is great for some but totally missing the point of the experience of an incarnation.  One that is truly spiritual needs (for them and us) to be IN the world and living spiritually, Gandhi style.  Not OF the world, and living solely for a material existence, Hollywood style.  For in doing so one neglects the spiritual aspect of ones being that should be present in all aspects of ones life.

If we solely focus on the duality of life within our material existence like getting that job, that condo, house, car, life partner. What city we live in, how much money we make, what we look like, what religion we are, even what gender we are.  Are all a focus on the material distraction to the reason for being. The more we focus on our material world the more we become attached to our desires of the out come. What we expect we should have becomes more important than what we do have. This attachment happens not just with things but of course with people and our expectations of and for them as well.

Yes – many of these things are necessary to some degree in the expression of our spiritual nature, but definitely not our sole or Souls, reason for being. Again all things material are there only as one part of the puzzle of our spiritual existance.

Technically you can even think of it is as being as low as about 4%.  If you take into account physics and that we only actually see around 4% of the mater universe.  So to then go and think that 4% is worth 100% of our devotion to all things material it doesn’t make much sense – mathematically (or spiritually) speaking that is.  Turn that around and we have 96% of the universe consisting of ‘dark’ (unseen) energy or mater.  So what does that suggest? Maybe that who we are as a soul being, one that came from a spiritual existence in this area of unseen energy and mater – matters a tad more than what we are currently focused on?

When we live with the knowingness that no matter (mater) what, when we live with selflessness, with purpose for the betterment of our soul and the lives of others. We are where we are suppose to be. We are who we are suppose to be, we are doing what we are suppose to be doing. Through this physical experience we will gain the highest expression of our spiritual natural. Then our base chakra is balanced with both the masculine and feminine expression of a physical / spiritual existance. We express kindness and compassion to all those that are also experiencing in their own way the physical realm. We care for those around us and not simply justify abandoning them, just so we can experience our bliss.

We can follow the example of many but one in particular is in the life of Siddhartha aka Gautama Buddha, in what to do and what not to do. His life over the life of Jesus gives us the example of extremes. In that he came from a very very privileged birth, but he abandoned his wife and child, his family and their wealth to become an Ascetic monk. He originally believed that to become spiritual and to end all suffering, was to deny the existance of the physical and in reality only suffer.   As a result this level of extremism he nearly died of starvation.  Which in itself alone would have been pretty bad karma, considering he would have totally missed the point. Fortunately a very grounded and practical young lady took pity on him. She saw that if he didn’t eat he would soon die and so offered him her dish of rice, milk and raisins. He fortunately also saw at this moment the folly of his actions. That this was not the way to being a spiritually enlightened being and ate the simple but very nutritious dish of food. Staving off death, making amends with his family, and then began teaching the ‘middle’ way. The way of balance between mater and spirit.

The lesson being don’t become so focused on the goal, physically or spiritually, that you miss the journey. Both are entirely necessary for the fulfillment of the other. The people that are with you on the journey are at time as equally important (in some cases even more so) than the percieved goal. Like the pilot that flies the plane to get you safely to your destination. Sometimes the people that are around you (entertaining Angels unawares) are the ones also directing you, and keeping you on the path to your souls growth.

4th Ray Root Chakra

They are there not to flatter you, or boost your ego, but support you or even to redirect you, sometimes even to kick your butt, towards making the right choices. Like the young shepherdess that was just passing by, with her lunch, the wooden bowl of rice. Doesn’t seem like much – but it was an action that saved his life and changed the world.

What would have happened should he have chosen to become arrogant and indignant at her kindness and act of generosity with an overblown sense of entitlement (something we see so much of late). How dare she! Doesn’t she know! Doesn’t she see what he was trying to achieve!?

As the house that protects your body from the elements – so the body protects the soul. Thus for the soul to thrive spiritually the body also needs to be cared for. It needs the protection from the elements, emotionally and physically. If the environment is too toxic in either one of these areas the soul starts to disengage from really living. Thus changes that lead to care and compassion for the body need to be addressed. Sometimes we are so afraid of these changes or those around us are so afraid of the change they may experience, that we get stuck in a routine. Our metaphorical digging to get out of it we only go deeper and deeper into it. Instead of walking away as painful as it might have been at the time. We now have to find a way a ladder, some form of tool, a friend someone or thing. Something to help us see how to climb out of the rut were now trapped in.

Sometimes that rut has turned into and become an illness. But when we change the frequency of that dis-ease in life we can ideally then move on to live one that is fuller. We can do this often very simply.

Sometimes by simply doing the opposite of what we were doing that was unhealthy in thought or action to something else. If we sit around to much, maybe we need to become more active – if we are too active, maybe we need to sit around more and just do nothing, like as in doing some mediation. If we are eating processed food to much, maybe we need to take a class to learn to cook healthy meals.

When we become free to express who we really are in the physical, as a spiritual being we have come closer to finding our path.  This is not something that is gender specific either.  Being born masculine or feminine has never been a mistake as that (whether remembered or not) was a pre-life choice.  Your God source – your higher self – your guardian Angel.  What ever name you chose to call it was there with you when you were to reincarnate,  to help you chose the parents available the potential family and friends you were to have.   At that level your embodiment and thus chosen gender was never a mistake – ego’s on this level though do make mistakes, many many mistakes.  Which is fine you have free will and you can get a do over.  It will obviously not be the same though as the opportunities that you had in this life are not likely to be the same, nor will it always be with the same group of people.  The people you were with in this life also have free will and can also chose to do it differently than planned.   Just cause you changed the playing field doesn’t mean they need to change the path of their souls growth, when you did for your benefit.  The next group of people you come back with may not be any better or worse.  Just similar in thought or action.   Think of it as 2 spiral stair cases that are side by side, one moving up, one down. You can easily move between the two whenever you like, but so can everyone else.  If you don’t move across at the time that worked for everyone, you will have to do some extra work to catch up to where you should’ve / would’ve / could’ve been.

To make the claim that there are mistakes in gender are again another distraction, a rut shall we say, to focus on something that in the big picture was never the point.  One gender is not better or worse than the other – though many in this world would like to think so.   We chose which gender to be born in is based on our souls need for expression this life time.  

We as souls have gone back and forth from masculine to feminine many many times. We learn balance by experiencing them both. We learn diversity by experiencing these embodiments, masculine and feminine, in different races. Before we embody we see or are shown what we need to learn and choose what is best for us in this life time, based on past actions or inactions or false belief systems.

Sometimes our choices, or those we feel were made for us, really seem to suck. Sometimes we need to experience what it feels like to wear those shoes we judged others for wearing and often that was the lesson to learn.

On the other hand sometimes it was not our lesson at all, but we falsely fell into the trap of believing that it was ours. This can get really tricky too, so don’t get to focused on the how, when or why unless you need to know for your souls growth. Knowing your astrology is a good way to figure that part out. Are you acting or being the perpetual victim? Are you the ‘responsible one’ and taking on everyone else’s problems? Both can be either ego driven or real. The birth chart can be your guide to the souls blueprint for this life.

But on the other hand it can be based on the projections of those that would rather blame others than be accountable for their own actions or false beliefs. To carry someone else’s belief system or their karma, can result from deep insecurity of your place in the world, and the need to feel needed. We of course all need to feel a sense of purpose. This though is deeper from not ever really being grounded, from our root chakra being damaged and not experiencing balance or creating strong boundaries of protection. It can seem very daunting and very overwhelming at times. But with focus on healing the issue rather than simply focus on the issue existing, just going around and around. Changing ones perception of its frequency, can help change all that.