Green Tea

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Click on a ‘Ray’ for more info on the rays. Click on the image more info on that Chakra and herbs used in the blends.

Bancha: Is an organic green tea and as with all ‘teas’ Green tea is from the camellia sinensis plant. The differences is just in the processing. A Chinese green tea is heated to stop the oxidization (turning brown) via pan frying. Thus also adding to a rounded ball shaped leaf.  In Japan it is cut, steamed and flattened. 

Location: The organic green tea use in our blends are from Zhejiang Province and made to Japanese specifications.

Benefits: Green tea is rich in cancer hating properties. It contains numerous anti-oxidants and polyphenols. It has more of a medium level of caffeine.

Bancha is best done at 90-95˚ for about 3-4 minutes. Within that range you can get multiple steepings out of the same 2-3g of tea.

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