Nettle Tea

Throat Chakra - 1st RayCrown - 1x1 THeart- 1x1 TRoot- 1x1 T3rd Eye- 1x1 TSolar Plexus- 1x1 TSofS- 1x1 T
1st Ray2nd Ray3rd Ray4th Ray5th Ray6th Ray7th Ray


Click on a ‘Ray’ for more info on the rays. Click on the image more info on that Chakra and herbs used in the blends.


Location: Organically certified farm in Grants Pass, OR

Benefits: Diuretic: relieves edema (excess water build up) rich in potassium, Alterative: rich in minerals and nutrients, detoxifies the blood. Nutritive Tonic: rich in iron, protein, chlorophyll, vit. C, fiber, potassium, silicic acid, calcium.
Astringent: tones the cells of body. Inflammation Modulating: rich in chlorophyll it cools and alkalizes.