White Tea

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Pai Mu Tan: Is the organic White Tea used in our blends it is also known as White Peony or Bai Mu Dan. White tea was so rare, it used to be reserved for the Imperial courts, and that it wasn’t exported until 1890’s.

Location: Pai Mu Tan is from the Fujian Prov. China, and is typically either just the young bud or bud and 2 leaves. White tea is considered the true tea. There are many ways to process a camellia sinensis leaf, the simplest is the White tea.  From the top of the plant the young bud and or the top 2 leaves are plucked and then laid out in the sun to dry.  The heat of the sun reduces the leaves ability to oxidize and thus any ability to darken or to turn brown.   The end result is a tea leaf that is usually open and a bud that still has its ‘white’ furry coat on.

Benefits: Because it has so little processing and closer to its original form than other methods.  It is very high in anti-oxidants, lower in caffeine, it is lighter in taste than green tea, and more floral.     It does not require or even like a high temperature bath (like black tea) and will release its delicious essences and aromas readily in a short steeping.  Usually around 2-3 min. mark.