Organic Nettle leaf tea: Smooth mouth feel in texture, light grassy notes, slightly sweet, earthy and green tones. Good for all ages and generally safe during pregnancy.

Benefits: Nettle leaf is so nutritious that it has numerous benefits to the body.  A diuretic which means it help in relieving edema (excess water build up) its rich in potassium. Alterative: rich in minerals and nutrients, detoxifies the blood. Nutritive Tonic: rich in iron, protein, chlorophyll, vit. C, fiber, potassium, c acid, calcium.  Astringent: it tones the cells of the body. Inflammation Modulating: it is rich in chlorophyll and it cools and alkalizes.

Location: Organically certified farm in Grants Pass, OR

Steeping: Like Rooibos, Nettle also likes a higher temperature of water in the 100°c range to be steeped for 5+ minutes, and is also usually good for one cup of tea.

Darsana Tea – Warming the soul, relaxing the mind, balancing the body.

1st Ray Throat Chakra1st Ray Throat Chakra

Balancing – strength and courage, finding your voice


Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Liquorice – Astragalus – Elderberry – Fennel – Slippery Elm – Anise – Blue Cornflower

Crown Blend2nd Ray Crown Chakra

Balancing – clarity, wisdom, mental focus.
Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Spearmint – Astragalus – Brahmi – Gingko (green / gold) – Chamomile – Calendula – Freeze Dried Apple

3rd Ray Heart Chakra3rd Ray Heart Chakra

Balancing –  Opening up to compassion for self and others, expression of unconditional love and oneness with life. 

Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Hawthorn – Astragalus – Ashwangandha – Raspberry – Rose petals – Hibiscus – Red Cornflower

(For more on the 3 Ray and Heart Chakra) 

4th Ray Root Chakra4th Ray Root Chakra

Balancing – ones connection to the earth, courage, confidence, generosity. 

Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Lemon peel – Astragalus – Dandelion root – Marshmallow root – Wild Mint – Labrador Tea – Jasmine flowers

(For more on the tea and herbs)

5th Ray 3rd Eye blend5th Ray 3rd Eye Chakra

Balance – discernment, clarity of vision, correctedness. 

Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Spearmint – Astragalus – Mugwort – Eleuthero – Eyebright – Bilberry – Jasmine flowers

(For more on the tea and herbs) 

6th Ray Solar Plexus6th Ray Solar Plexus Chakra

Balance – Service, forgiveness, intentions, expectations.

Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Ginger – Astragalus – Red clover – Burdock – Mallow – Blueberry – Calendula

(For more about the tea & herbs used)

7th Ray Seat of Soul Blend7th Ray Seat of Soul Chakra

Balance – purpose and connections with others. 


Organic Ingredients: Nettle – Cinnamon – Ginger – Astragalus – Oatstraw – Cardamom – Passionflower – Black Currants

(For more about the tea and herbs)

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