Tulsi – Holy Basil – “Queen of herbs” Many names but all mean a magically euphoric blend that is cooling, relaxing and calming. Darsana Tea uses a blend of 3 holy basils Krishna, Rama & Vana. As a blend just on it’s own, it has fragrant notes of lemon, peppermint, cloves, and licorice. It is considered a sacred plant in Ayurvedic medicine and among other things it is known for reducing the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone) on the body.cloves, and licorice.  They are considered sacred plants in Ayurvedic medicine.

Location: Various regions of India. 

Benefits: “Ayurvedic texts describe Holy Basil as a pillar of holistic herbal medicine and a Goddess incarnated in plant form (the mother medicine of nature).” Mtn Rose Herbal.

“Krishna (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is known for its dark green, violet to purple leaves, stems, and blossoms. Named after Krishna blue skinned God. On a light peppery side”

“Rama (Ocimum tenuiflorum) Had a cooling and mellow flavor. It has green leaves, white-to-purplish blossoms, a green to purplish stem. Spicy and clove like.”

“Vana (Ocimum gratissimum), or “forest type”, is fragrant. The plant has green leaves and stem, with white blossoms. It is found in the Himalayas and plains of India. Grows wild in Asia and Africa and is used medicinally there as well.” Fragrant, sweet anise flavour.”

“Different parts of the plant are used in Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicine for prevention and cureof many illnesses like cough, influenza, common cold, headache, fever, colic pain, bronchitis, asthma, hepatic diseases, fatigue, skin diseases, arthritis, digestive disorders.”   Verma S. Chemical constituents and pharmacological action of Ocimum sanctum(Indian holy basil-Tulsi).JPhytopharmacol2016;5(5):205-207.

Steeping: All herbal like a higher temperature water in the plus 95-100c range. Typically use 2-3 grams (tsp) and steep for 5+ minutes.

Darsana Tea – Warming the soul, relaxing the mind, balancing the body.

1st Ray Throat Chakra

1st Ray Throat Chakra

Balancing – strength and courage, finding your voice.

(For more info on the 1st Ray and Throat Chakra)

Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Liquorice – Astragalus – Elderberry – Fennel – Slippery Elm – Anise – Blue Cornflower

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Crown Blend

2nd Ray Crown Chakra

Balancing – clarity, wisdom, mental focus.

(For more on the 2nd Ray and Crown Chakra)

Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Spearmint – Astragalus – Brahmi – Gingko (green / gold) – Chamomile – Calendula – Freeze Dried Apple

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3rd Ray Heart Chakra

3rd Ray Heart Chakra 

Balancing – Opening up to compassion for self and others, expression of unconditional love and oneness with life. 

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Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Hawthorn – Astragalus – Ashwangandha – Raspberry – Rose petals – Hibiscus – Red Cornflower

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4th Ray Root Chakra

4th Ray Root Chakra  

Balancing – ones connection to the feminine light of creation, the earth, courage, confidence, generous. 

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Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Lemon peel – Astragalus – Dandelion root – Marshmallow root – Wild Mint – Labrador Tea – Jasmine flowers

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5th Ray 3rd Eye blend

5th Ray 3rd Eye Chakra 

Balance – discernment, clarity of vision, correctness. 

(For more on the 5th ray and 3rd Eye chakra)

Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Spearmint – Astragalus – Mugwort – Eleuthero – Eyebright – Bilberry – Jasmine flowers

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6th Ray Solar Plexus

6th Ray Solar Plexus Chakra

Balance – Service, forgiveness, intentions, expectations.

(For more about the 6th ray energy)

Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Ginger – Astragalus – Red clover – Burdock – Mallow – Blueberry – Calendula


7th Ray Seat of Soul Blend

7th Ray Seat of Soul Chakra 

Balance – purpose and connections with others. 

(For more about the 7 ray and Seat of Soul Chakra)

Organic Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea – Cinnamon – Ginger – Astragalus – Oatstraw – Cardamom – Passionflower – Black Currants

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Holy Basil in 7 blends
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