Each of the 5 bases are available with the 7 herbal blends. 
Each originally designed Chakra blend consists of 7 ingredients. They were tested by the frequency of each herb and created to correspond to the frequency of the Chakras and their corresponding organs.  
Making these Chakra based herbal tea blends one of the most balancing yet versatile style of out there!
42 variations and available in multiple sizes. From sample size to total tea lovers size.
You can try just the herbal blend on it’s own as well.
Which ever you choose I hope you’ll be pleased – we’d love to here from you!.

Though Native to Europe – North American grown nettle is used in our 7 herbal blends. It is grown on a organic farm in Oregon and it is a slightly milder version than the European Nettle. 

Stinging Nettle (Urticaceae) has been used as a nutrient rich food source in dishes similar to spinach for 100’s of years.  The trick with nettle is to pick it when it is young and if you have thin skin use scissors and gloves.  This is because it is covered with fine hairs that contain formic acid and histamine which causes a stinging like sensation. Once cooked or blanched this action is gone.  But if you have arthritis or gout this action of urtication or inflammation to the skin will ironically help relieve those same symptoms. 

Nettle is also a diuretic and highly beneficial for the kidneys (the seed) and urinary track system (leaf and root) for both men and women and highly recommended for the prostrate (benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH) – root).

Nettle due to a high level of Vit. K is also recommended for pregnant, post-partum, and lactating women.

Actions – Astringent Alterative Anti-inflammatory Galactogogue Hemostatic Anti-asthmatic Rubefacient Diuretic
TasteAstringent Salty
EnergyCooling Drying

From the Herbal Academy Herbarium – “Nettle is very rich in Vitamins A, C, E, and K (Bennett, 2014), riboflavin, thiamine, and minerals (calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silica, iron, zinc), protein (Pedersen, 2012), formic acid and histamine (Foster, 1993), and chlorophyll (Hoffmann, 2003).  It can be used daily it nourishes the blood and energizes the body.”