1st ray is the expression of the 1st root race of Gaia.

Slothfulness vs Diligence

On the positive side, it is the energetic frequency or pattern of self-expression, faith and power, to protect life.

On the negative side, expression of self-doubt, guilt, gossip, condemnation of self and others, cowardice, Expressing an inability to protect self and others.

2nd ray Crown Chakra

2nd ray is the expression of the 2nd root race of Gaia.

Pride vs Humility

For the Illumination of the soul and the enlightenment of the mind. For gaining the balanced use of discernment, right thoughts and speech.

When we over indulge in intellectual studies, are indifferent and judgemental towards others, we are using the negative aspect of this ray and our Crown Chakra.

3rd ray Heart Chakra

3rd ray is the expression of the 3rd root race of Gaia.

Wrath vs Forgiveness

At its highest level is one of unconditional love.

Without the divine love of the heart of Alpha & Omega – Father / Mother.  Without the love we feel for those dear to us, be it family or friends. Be it the plant or animal kingdom that we share this world with. With out love we are little more than barely sentient robots.  

4th ray Root Chakra

4th ray is the expression of the 4th root race of Gaia.

Lust vs Chastity

The root Chakra is our connection with the Earth and the Mother – physical & spiritual.

It is about our Our connection to creation and bringing forth new life.

It is about the white fire of the Mother. A fire that contains all colours and that purifies, balances and heals.

5th ray 3rd Eye Chakra

5th ray is the expression of the 5th root race of Gaia.

Envy vs Generousity

Discernment – seeing what is the truth behind the lie, or the lie behind the truth. 

Using the single eyed unwavering focus for the good of all, or a vision of the material realm for the sake of self.  

Creative and healing.

6th ray Solar Plexus Chakra

6th ray is the expression of the 6th root race of Gaia.

Gluttony vs Temperance

Service, compassion, forgiveness, fairness and balanced emotions. 

7th ray Seat of Soul Chakra

7th ray is the expression of the 7th root race of Gaia.

Greed vs Charity

This Chakra also is about experiencing the material realm and out connection with others. 

It has a strong link or connection with the 3rd Eye Chakra. Thus it is at times confused with being around or above the head area. That is something else, ones sense of connection with the higher self. 

This root race is said to have brought the Earth – Terra into the physical and into duality.

This was due to changing and then reversing of the frequency of the Mother via a frequency of music that also is responsible for creating the colour red and thus Lust.