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1st ray, 1st root race, 5th chakra

Inactive vs Diligence

On the positive side, it is the energetic frequency or pattern of self-expression, faith and power, to protect life.

On the negative side, expression of self-doubt, guilt, gossip, condemnation of self and others, cowardice, Expressing an inability to protect self and others. Giving away your power or allowing another’s voice to become more important than your own higher self.  Are all ways we loose our power, our light to weaken our own.

2nd ray, 2nd root race, 6th chakra 

Pride vs Humility

For the Illumination of the soul and the enlightenment of the mind. For gaining the balanced use of discernment, right thoughts and speech.

When we over indulge in intellectual studies, are indifferent and judgemental towards others, we are using the negative aspect of this ray and our Crown Chakra. When we intellectualize our belief system, we are right everyone else is wrong.  Are they really or is that belief just coming from ones Ego?

3rd ray, 3rd root race, 4th chakra

Anger vs Forgiveness

At its highest level is one of unconditional love.

Without the divine love of the heart of Alpha & Omega – Father / Mother.  Without the love we feel for those dear to us, be it family or friends. Be it the plant or animal kingdom that we share this world with. With out love we are little more than barely sentient robots.  

4th ray, 4th root race, 1st Chakra

Lust vs Dignity

The root Chakra is our connection with the Earth and the Mother – physical & spiritual.

It is about our Our connection to creation and bringing forth new life.

It is about the white fire of the Mother. A fire that contains all the pure colours of the higher realms one that purifies, balances and heals all other chakras.

5th ray, 5th root race, 7th Chakra

Envy vs Generousity

Discernment – seeing clearly what is the truth behind the lie, or the lie behind the truth. 

Using the single eyed unwavering focus for the good of all, or a vision of the material realm for the sake of self.  

The 3rd eye when in balance is about be creative and healing. Seeing what needs to be created to make the lives of others more fruitful or inspiring. 

6th ray, 6th root race, 3rd Chakra

Gluttony vs Temperance

Service, compassion, forgiveness, fairness and balanced emotions.

Letting go of old emotions, feelings, negative ideas about yourself or life in general can help rebalance this Chakra.

Detaching from the expectations of others or your expectations of them towards you, can also help heal the imbalance of this area of the body.   Letting go of a need, a want, a must have or I’ll die materialist belief system.

7th ray, 7th root race, 2nd Chakra

Greed vs Charity

This Chakra is about maintaining a balance for your soul when experiencing the material realm and ones connection with others. 

It has a strong link or connection with the 3rd Eye Chakra. Thus the soul is at times confused with being around or above the head area. That is ones sense of connection with the nonphysical self and the masculine part of you. Whereas the soul part that is in the physical part of you represents the feminine.  This chakra when in balance helps us to maintain as sense of ‘To thine own self be true’.  To protect oneself, ones spiritual growth, ones reason for being, without creating harm to life.  Especially to those we connect with on a physical, emotional and mental plane. 

Affirmations for change

I am the clarity of speech and expressing truthfulness. 

I am the voice of wholeness and the oneness of the Christ.  I am the will of God in manifestation. 

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my throat chakra. spinning with the light of perfect speech in sapphire diamond fire.

I am open to the mind of divinity and wise judgement. 

I am the wisdom and the expression Christic illumination. I am the expression of integrity in knowledge.

Iam (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my crown chakra. shining with the light of clarity in golden diamond fire.

I am open to the love of the divine.

 I love life unconditionally and life loves me. 

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my heart chakra. burning with unconditionally pure love and ruby diamond fire.

I am the physical manifestation of the white fire of creation.  

I am the foundation of life.  An unbreakable connection to Mother Earth.

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my root chakra. Rising the creative light of white diamond fire.

I am open to seeing the truth, to healing, to expressing discernment.

I have clear vision, with perfect discernment. I see my path clearly. I am a magnet to perfect health and abundance. 

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my 3rd eye chakra. Blazing with the light of clarity with the emerald diamond fire.

 I am open to unlimited abundance through detachment and generosity.

I am all that which is naturally available to all life – great and small.  I am filled with gratitude   of life’s generosity towards me.

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my Solar Plexus chakra in the light of purple diamond fire.  

I am true to the Christic child within my soul.  

I am the embodiment of courageous and honourable in all interactions with others. 

I am (3x) the perfectly divine balance of my seat of the soul chakra. Spinning, shining, burning, blazing in the light of violet diamond fire.

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