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1st Ray Throat Chakra
1st Ray Throat Chakra

The 1st ray also represents spoken word and holds the keys to creation.  “Let there be light (Alpha) and there was Light” (Omega). It can also be that which brings forth change, positively or negatively, either through harmony or discordant use of words.  What we say and how we say it creates energetic patterns for good, or bad, and thus also energetic patterns of our karma in that frequency.

When our voice is silenced, or when we hold our tongue when we should speak up, we block the flow of energy of our major source of power – our voice.  This source of power is also the point of protection for us and others.  We protect the lives of ourselves and others using our voice. This is done when we need to warn others of danger or cry out for help. Speaking up for those without a ‘voice’.  Originally the purpose of dressing the Police officers and constables in blue uniforms was to reinforce the ideals of ‘to serve and protect’ those that were vulnerable to harm.  Sometimes we can have so much ‘blue’ in our aura that words are even unnecessary.

An interesting side note: It was in the 1950’s that the colours of the sexes changed. The colour blue historically was considered a colour to be worn by women (Virgin Mary always depicted in blue) as it was a more feminine ‘cooler’ colour.  Reds were worn by men as it was considered a masculine ‘hot’ colour.  It used to be recommended for baby boys to be dressed in pink as it was deemed a stronger colour.  Baby Blue for girls was considered more delicate and prettier.  hmmm….

Words only sent in love, compassion and understanding may not always be welcomed at times but are always felt.  As are words sent out with the energy of a lie, gossip, anger, malice or disdain of another, whether they are present or not, hurt both the sender and the receiver. Such is the power of the voice and the power of sound.  Thus, sound can either create or destroy.  Like the frequency of a high-pitched voice can shatter glass, or the frequency of the words of love can both heal a troubled soul and create beautiful and always unique designs in crystalline formation. As demonstrated in the numerous frozen drops of water photographed by the famous work of Masaru Emoto.

Sounds also have frequencies of colour.  Next time your speaking consider what colours might be attached to your words.  Are they harmonious colours?  Or are they ugly & muddy colours filled with reds?  Are they helping your throat Chakra with tones of positive truthful statements?  Or repressing the flow of energy with forced silence or false statements?  Having discernment in knowing the differences in the colours of the words we speak can be a major hurdle for both sexes.  But predominately women with thyroid issues tend to have the most difficulty discerning.  I have often found it helpful to ask an acquaintance (preferably a couple of them) that has shown unbiased yet compassionate opinions in the past – “how do I come across to them in conversation or in life?”  The responses are often very revealing and quite helpful.  Especially when people that don’t know each other state the same opinions.

“Those who have virtue have something to say, but those who have something to say do not necessarily have virtue,” ~ Confucius.

“speak at the right time, speak in accordance with facts, speak to the point.” ~ Gautama Buddha

What you can do to help put the frequency of the throat Chakra back in balance.

Mantra – I am a being of royal blue fire, my throat Chakra is the perfection of speech, God desires.

Meditation on the frequency of blue – a brilliant electric blue. Using your voice by doing mantra’s or singing or even reading out loud.  Even if it’s to your pet.  Next is wearing blue especially close to your throat.  Necklaces with blue stones like Blue Aragonite, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli – Lapis Howlite. Of course, if necklaces are not your thing bracelets are a very good substitute. Keeping the frequency of the stone next to your skin.  We sell a line of bracelets keeping with the colour and frequency of the Chakra.

Scarfs, sweaters, tops with blue collars are also all good.

2nd Ray Crown Chakra
2nd Ray Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is about the use of wisdom over just intellect, gaining enlightenment and a connection to the Christ Consciousness. It is about our connection with our spiritual self, of discernment towards the right thoughts words or actions we take in the physical. It reflects a part of the brains intellect that we are to gain mastery over. The part that creates the never ending chatter and instead follows the quiet still path towards enlightenment. It reflects our compassion and humbleness towards life, always moving towards the goal of understanding the roles we play in creation and in the 3D realm.
Though the meaning of colour varies in cultures, a Golden Yellow is typically considered a cheerful, full of life and abundance, a spiritual colour and a symbol of enlightenment as in a Saints halo for example or the Buddhist monks that wore golden saffron / yellow robes.
When a crown Chakra is imbalanced with a sense of unworthiness it can appear muddied, more like the colour of a darker mustard.   Thoughts of jealousy have elements of green present.   Thoughts of pride can bring on a dirty orange colour.

What you can do to help put the frequency of the Crown Chakra back in balance?

I am a being of golden fire, my crown chakra is the clarity of mind, God desires


Foremost meditate – ironically one gets there faster by doing nothing.  Literally! Which is much harder than it seems.  Technically one needs to be quiet, sit quietly, still the body and the mind and patiently wait to hear the small quiet voice of your higher self, your Christ consciousness, the part of God within guide you.   The voice of God is the voice of the Christ that waits to be heard and it resides within you.  The voice of the Christ is always a gentle, kind, compassionate voice, without any anger, judgement or malice or manipulation. Without any wants other than to express love unconditionally and bring you closer to the oneness of the heart of God – your I am Presence.
For the rest of the day the other things that can assist in the balancing of mind and the crown chakra is to wear a bit of pure gold.  Imagine it is like wearing a bit of the sun in a solid form.   Wearing items of yellow silk and / or gemstones of Citrine, yellow Sapphire & yellow Apatite are all helpful in raising up the frequency of the body to match the higher frequencies of the Christ self.  Aragonite is another gemstone that helps to center and stabilize, regain self control, be patient and release past wounds.

3rd Ray Heart Chakra
3rd Ray Heart Chakra

The energy of the Heart chakra at its highest level is one of unconditional love. Without the love of the heart of mother / father God. Without the love and mutual respect we feel for those dear to us, be it family, friends or those of the animal kingdom that we share the world with, we are little more than robots. 

Our heart chakra gives us courage to face the unknown, to face our deepest fears, gives us hope for a another day. Our heart holds the the love of the spiritual parents that created our souls and the love of our physical parents that gave us the building blocks of life in this body.   It is magnetic as it draws unto itself all that is the beauty and joy of life. All that is the newness of creation as it holds the universe together.

The truly sad is that the physical part of the heart, the part that has undergone to much trauma, or seen to many acts of betrayal can also be broken.   What we are often not taught while growing up is that above all else the heart is precious and it needs to be protected from hate.  Not protected by fear of loss – but protected from the callousness of the ego of others and at times even our own.

The selfish actions of ourselves or others can damage the heart and flow of the chakra.   How many times have you felt a sharp pain in your chest from acts of cruelty or insensitive actions and comments?

[Once when I went to the Doctors from the pain in my chest the physician said I had what he referred to as a ‘boxers’ rib cage it was so hard. (My heart was fine and no I have never boxed) My ribcage it would seem had created a harden layer of protection. I can only assume to protect my heart from all the hatred I had been feeling in the world. ]

What you can do to help put the frequency of the Heart Chakra back in balance.

Living in this 3D realm we know the world we live in has many levels of hatred, many act it out as being cruel – thus we must not be cruel. We know that those we love may betray us – thus we must not betray those that are dear to us.  We know that there will be those that will lie – thus we must not lie.  We know that there will those that will act without thought or compassion – thus we must act thoughtfully and compassionately.  Meditation on the frequency of the Ruby ray and thus unconditional love.

I am a being of ruby fire, my heart chakra is the purity of love God desires.


Even still after treating the others as we wish to be treated we must still go the extra step and treat our heart well by doing what the heart needs us to do.  Do what we dream to be, what give us joy, do what our soul came here to do.  Not for just material wealth, money or fame. All that is about as real as the purpose of vanity.  But for the pure satisfaction of doing what our soul the child like part of us, is here for and gets excited about doing. It is then not at all work that we do but play.  Whether we able to fulfill our hearts desire all day everyday or just an hour a day.  It is important to try.  Focusing daily on the little things in life we love and the beauty within that goes a long way to healing.

Info on the Root Chakra

Info on the 3rd Eye Chakra

Info on the Solar Plexus Chakra

“The Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra is the place of solar awareness, where the senses of the soul, the intuitive, or “psychic” senses, are experienced. The “gut feeling” of approaching danger, excitement, or happiness is an example of this soul faculty, the ability to read moods and vibrations not empirically discerned through the five physical senses.” *

This Chakra also has a strong link or connection with the 3rd Eye Chakra thus it is at times confused with being around or above the head area – that again is something else, the connection with the higher self.  Through esoteric traditions it is described as being located in the lower abdominal region and when connecting to the energy of the Root Chakra holds the frequency of life and creation.  Personally when I am experiencing an older soul memory or reliving a trauma that is exactly where I feel it in the abdomen. With the 3rd eye connection to the pineal gland I might also ‘see’ the cause of the trauma in my minds eye.

The Seat of the Soul Chakra plays a very large part of what you leave with, what you have learned, when you change embodiments. How has the Seat of the Soul behaved with others, how has it has dealt with circumstances seemingly beyond it’s control. How kindly or thoughtfully has it has reacted to the suffering of others, without judgement. Our soul reacts (or not) to our involvement, good or bad to life. 

It can a times be mature acting in thoughtful and respectful manner, being responsible for ones actions when dealing with other. Or like a spoiled and overly indulged child, blaming everyone and everything for it not getting what it wants, whenever it wants regardless of how this negatively effects others.  Believing that in conjunction with their higher self, Alpha and Omega, God and Goddess and the masculine – feminine creators of this Galaxy the Milky Way actually could and in fact did make with them, a mistake.

What the Seat of Soul aspect of ourselves often forgets (for various reasons) is that WE alone, with the help of others parents and guardians created this body we are in. WE chose based on past-life experiences, whether it would be a male or female body and in many respects most of what we are to experienced in this life. We based this life and then future lives on past actions or inactions, fears, joys, experiences, choices made with others, all determine (again generally speaking) where we will be, who we will be, what we will do, what we should be doing, in this life.

And as Everyone has free will, everyone has karma ie baggage, so being human and having a life can get pretty complicated. Souls at times forget their promises to share this life with you, or even worse get aborted. The ramifications of this action can be (depending on the soul needing to incarnate) be beyond measure. Again all of this is a super complicated set of circumstances, carefully constructed for you to be born at the right time and with the right set of parents. Our DNA is key here, but it is all done for you to come and do what you are set out to do in this life. Thus the creation of your life was never an accident, it was designed by you to live and grow as a spiritual being. Your Higher Self with your connection to the Christ Consciousness never makes mistakes. Thus there is no thing that is to great or to small – everything done (or not done) has meaning and purpose. Be it a dishwasher or an astrophysicist our soul can learn something wonderful from each experience.

But, and isn’t there always a ‘but’ you can by not being true to yourself, not standing up for your soul self and defending our soul (not our ego) we can mess things up royally. As Shakespeare said ‘to thine own self be true’ again this is about being true to the spiritual soul part of you. Not letting others determine who you are or that one is better than or greater than you are. In God’s eyes in the physical realm all are equal. It is in the spiritual realm where ones light truly shines and enlightenment of the soul is graduated.

Thus believing in the lie told by others for whatever their reason or their baggage. Most of it coming from a perceived human or religious authority. That you are some how less than, can if believed lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, that you are simply a mistake and worthless to the universe. The Seat of the Soul chakra can then shrink, sink in and begin a reverse spin. Thus the light diminishes (your cutting off the flow by denying your birthright) and basically your soul then goes on a path of de-evolving in spiritual growth.

Fortunately though our souls though are made out of love and thus also very resilient as they come from a place of only light and purity. We can by our own divine right of free will, turn around and start walking back towards wholeness, balance and being true to ourselves and thus our divinity.

We in the physical realm are the ones on the path of learning and growing spiritually. So just a heads up and for what it’s worth, God (short form for creator of the universe) doesn’t ever ever create trash or ever make mistakes, can’t not even possible or conceivable. Does the Star we live by – our Sun have a shadow? Well neither does God, only those that deny life do. Only with the help of others on a energetically reversed path and a lack of hope or knowledge, do we.

Some people come in and from the get go are on a mission, others not so much. Though everyone is unique there are patterns of unity, this is though the aspect of group karma. One is karmically aligned with the people and parents they needed to be with to do what they set out to do when planning for this embodiment. The variables are complicated and at times difficult to come into manifestation due to outside interference of ones freewill. This we can easily see via the multitude of opinions of various origins even some not of this earth. We need to ask and question – Are we here to buy into the man made creation of belief systems, like the multitude of opinions on what spirituality is or what God is? Or the barbaric need for domination and control of others through wars. Or are we just here to experience the material / physical realm? Are we here to help others as we are also helped to grow spiritually?

When the soul is in its highest enlightened version of itself it can have a violet glow.  Hence this is also a great reason for the use of the violet flame in transmuting the energetic patterns of karma and out worn belief systems that has followed the soul life time after life time.    Violet is the frequency of Aquarius and about freedom which is the divine right of the soul.   A right given to us by our spiritual Mother & Father, our souls right to live in the physical on this planet, one with the Christ, and of course the other half of our Soul, our beloved twin flame.

As the Earth travels through cycles history repeats itself, and as it happened with the coming of the 6th root race, the age of Pisces and the time of Jesus. We again are seeing the rise of the Herod and the slaughter of the child as well as the destruction of the family through many forms.

Now we are entering a time of the 7th root race and age of Aquarius, many are remembering their spiritual origins, they are using the Violet Flame for transmuting karma, they are remembering their beloved, their sovereignty, and their right to living in freedom. The second coming of the Christ is to be within us all, we are to become the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness.

With the changes we are seeing personally and globally we are also seeing a release of the old paradigm and a shift of understanding.   What used to be the ‘way it was always done’ is now no longer an answer that is good enough.   Our Souls are waking up to the realization (sometimes painfully so) that that mode of living is no longer working.  Not for the souls of people, or animals, the elementals, or the planet.  That forgiveness for what has happened to you, or by you is a major step in healing of the soul. The healing of the soul and oneness or unity with our Christ self is the only thing that matters in the long run, when considering what one is actually here to fulfill and their ultimate reason for being – the true path to the Ascension.