1st Ray – Throat Chakra

The 1st ray also represents spoken word and hold’s the keys to creation.  “Let there be light (Alpha) and there was Light” (Omega). It can also be that which brings forth change, positively or negatively, either through harmony or discordant use of words.  What we say and how we say it creates energetic patterns for good or bad and thus also our karma in that frequency.

When our voice is silenced, or when we hold our tongue when we should speak up.  We block the flow of energy of our major source of power – our voice, and wonder if we being heard.  The point of power is also the point of protection for ourselves and others.  We protect life, ours and others through our voice, our sound, be in a warning of danger, cry for help or in defending others. Speaking up for those without a ‘voice’.  Originally the purpose of dressing the Police officers and constables in blue uniforms was to reinforce the ideals of ‘to serve and protect’ those that were vulnerable to harm.  Sometimes we can have so much ‘blue’ in our aura that words are even unnecessary.

An interesting side note: It was in the 1950’s that the colours of the sexes changed. The colour blue historically was considered a colour to be worn by women (Virgin Mary always depicted in blue) as it was a more feminine ‘cooler’ colour.  Reds were worn by men as it was considered a masculine ‘hot’ colour.  It used to be recommended for baby boys to be dressed in pink as it was deemed a stronger colour.  Baby Blue for girls was considered more delicate and prettier.  hmmm…. 

Words only sent in love, compassion and understanding may not always be welcomed at times, but are always felt.  As are words sent out with the energy of a lie, gossip, anger, malice or disdain of another, whether they are actually present or not, hurt both the sender and the receiver.  Such is the power of the voice and the power of sound.  Thus sound, can either create or destroy.   Like a frequency of a high pitched voice can shatter glass or the frequency of the words of love can both heal a troubled soul, and create beautiful and always unique designs in crystalline formation. As demonstrated in the numerous frozen drops of water photographed by the famous work of Masaru Emoto.

Sounds also have frequencies of colour.   Next time your speaking consider what colours they might be.  Are they harmonious colours or are they ugly & muddy colours filled with reds? Are they helping your throat Chakra with tones of positive truthful statements or repressing the flow of energy with forced silence or false statements.   Having discernment in knowing the difference can be a major hurdle for both sexes, but predominately women with thyroid issues.  I have often found it helpful to ask an acquaintance (preferably a couple of them) that has shown unbiased yet compassionate opinions in the past – how do I come across to them in conversation or in life?  The responses are often very revealing and quite helpful.  Especially when people that don’t know each other state the same thing.

“Those who have virtue have something to say, but those who have something to say do not necessarily have virtue,” Confucius. “speak at the right time, speak in accordance with facts, speak to the point.” Gautama Buddha

What you can do to help put the frequency of the throat Chakra back in balance. 

I am a being of royal blue fire, my throat Chakra is the perfection of speech, God desires.

Meditation on the frequency of blue – a brilliant electric blue. Using your voice by doing mantra’s or singing or even reading out loud.  Even if its to your pet.  Next is wearing blue especially close to your throat.   Necklaces with blue stones like Blue Aragonite, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli – Lapis Howlite. Of course if necklaces are not your thing bracelets are a very good substitute. Keeping the frequency of the stone next to your skin. Scarfs, sweaters, tops with blue collars are also all good.

Throat chakra blend