7th Ray – Seat of Soul

SofS- 1x1 T

The seat-of-the-soul chakra is the place of solar awareness, where the senses of the soul, the intuitive, or “psychic” senses, are experienced. The “gut feeling” of approaching danger, excitement, or happiness is an example of this soul faculty, the ability to read moods and vibrations not empirically discerned through the five physical senses.”

As this Chakra is linked with the 3rd Eye Chakra it is at times confused with also being around or above the head area.  It has been told, through esoteric traditions it is located in the lower abdominal region.  Personally when I am experiencing a older soul memory or reliving a trauma that is exactly where I feel it.  Not in the solar plexus region but the area beneath that. With the 3rd eye connection to the pineal gland I might also ‘see’ the cause of the trauma in my minds eye.

When the soul is in its highest enlightened version of itself it will have a violet glow.  Hence this is also a great reason for the use of the violet flame in transmuting the energetic patterns of karma that has followed the soul life time after life time.    Violet is the frequency of Aquarius and about freedom which is the divine right of the soul.   A right given to us by our spiritual Mother & Father, our souls right to live in the physical on this planet, one with the Christ, and our beloved twin flame.

As we are currently entering the 7th age of Aquarius, many are remembering their spiritual origins, they are using the Violet Flame for transmuting karma, they are remembering their beloved and their right to living in freedom.

With the changes we are seeing personally and globally we are also seeing a release of the old paradigm and a shift of understanding.   What used to be the ‘way it was always done’ is now no longer an answer that is good enough.   Our Souls are waking up to the realization (sometimes painfully so) that that mode of living is no longer working.  Not for the souls of people, or animals, the elementals, or the planet.  That forgiveness for what has happened to you, or by you is a major step in healing of the soul.

The healing of the soul is also a major part when considering what one is actually here to fulfill and their ultimate reason for being – the path of the Ascension.