About the 7 Blends

The Darsana Tea Chakra blends were thoughtfully created based on a number of concepts.

1st the elements of fire, air, water, earth.

2nd. a tasty blend of fruits, roots, flowers, and leaves.

3rd they matched the frequency of the chakra.

4th the colours of the flowers and fruits.

5th a prime number, in this case (of course) 7.

Testing the frequency of each herb and which chakra it opened was a long process.  Over a hundred different herbs and teas were tested.  Each herb or tea went through the same cupping method used by trained Tea Sommelier.  Each plant tested for its colour, taste profile, and energetically for which Chakra it opened. Usually this happened with 1 or 2 chakras – Primary and Secondary I called it. With the exception of Ashwagandha which just sort of dropped through all of them. As I was doing the tastings semi blind I usually picked by colour of the herb when tasting. I soon discovered that it was also an adaptogen and possibly the reason it doesn’t really go to just one chakra but all of them. For this reason I put it in all the blends as the primary root (and grounding) ingredient. I affectionately refer to it as the bus that everyone gets on to travel through the body. It’s an amazing herb.