7 rays – 7 Roots races – 7 primary Chakras:

As we all know when you shine a light through a prism you arrive at 7 primary colours. They do actually though blend a bit, creating a slightly different colour, as they touch and overlap. 

Think of that analogy in the creation of the 7 root races as 7 very large groups of souls.  Souls that sort of blend a bit between the colours have a slightly different frequency than those in the centre of that ray.   Very generally speaking you use this analogy to understand the importance of the physical differences in races.  The ability to experience the frequency of that Ray through a specific race, though a primary and secondary expression of a ray and how that is so important to the evolution of the soul. 

Think about God (Alpha / Omega) holding a pure crystal prism one that has no ‘man-made’ impurities or inclusions created due to human stresses.  Alpha then says ‘let there be light’! Omega says ‘and there is light!’ light shines forth from them both to the prism and through that prism a rainbow of colours unlike any that we see with our eyes is created and crosses the universe.  Big Bang anyone? Next imagine that every particle of light within a specific frequency of colour is a higher spiritual soul body that splits in two.  The splitting in 2 creates a masculine / feminine polarity like the symbol of the yin/yang – thus the two individual souls or newly created twin flames that also contain a part of the other.

From that esoteric source of spectacular colour and frequency. The souls containing that which is of God are sent to a small planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way.  Billions of souls to be endowed with free will, to grow and experience the act and process of existence in both the material and non-material realms.  That the first 3 rays or root races advanced to the next level of existence in the process known as the ascension without any issues.  

When the 4th root race arrived and was established, another group of souls that were given sanctuary from they’re home planet, which had been destroyed due to their warring nature, arrived. This resulted in a dropping of the frequency of the whole planet.  This was done through various means but primarily through a discordant frequency in their music.   The earth eventually went from a paradise of moderate temperatures and gentle climate.  To that of one that became more extreme and hostile, think deserts and poles.   More in keeping with the temperaments of the new arrivals.  

The 4th root race thought that they could ‘ground’ them into the frequency of the Earth, of the gift of creation through Gaia.   Those that were of a more rebellious nature would have nothing to do with it.  They refused to surrender to the frequency of love and peace and continued in their self-serving ego-centred worship of the gods of hatred, destruction and death instead.

The 5th 6th & now 7th roots race / group souls have now all arrived, many have come in with the idea or belief that they can make the difference, that when they come in they can re-balance these lost souls.  But it seems to have become sorta like being sent off to boarding school where the teachers are not all that smart anymore and the principle is a dictator/tyrant and so are all his friends.  But their doing so well materialistically they don’t see the point or even want to see any part of what they have created to change.

The colours used in this esoteric system of 7 colours for the 7 Chakras is the closest our current human senses can see and feel.  It has been said through past esoteric teachings that the earth was designated to have 7 root races of approximately 10 billion people.  Every soul pair started off similar to those that are also on the ray they were created on, and will always continue in that light.  In that if you started of on the 4th ray (the white ray of the Mother) that will always be the frequency of your focus.  You love being in nature, you love to create, you need to always ‘feel grounded’, personal safety and home is key.create an individual soul uniqueness [unique with your twin flame] is based on their own individual experiences of the physical realm.   Every experience we have will be unique to us (even if it is a shared experience) and will shape our soul – for good or bad.

Each root race came in on one of these rays and presently we are now experiencing souls coming in on the 7th ray – the violet ray – they embody the frequency of ‘The seat of the Soul’ Chakra.

This system of 7 rays is what was used for visualizing the colours of the Chakras that is used in the creation of the 7 blends of fruits, roots, flowers & leaves.

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