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About – 3rd Ray & Heart Chakra

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The energy of the 3rd Ray is about Love thus the focus Heart Chakra at its highest level is one of unconditional love.

Without the love from the heart of Mother / Father God our celestial parents, and then our physical parents. Without the love and mutual respect we have for those dear to us, be it family, friends or those of the animal kingdom that we share the world with, we are little more than narcissistic robots. 

An open Heart Chakra gives us courage to face the unknown, to face our deepest fears, gives us hope to face a another day. Our heart holds the the love of the spiritual parents that created our souls and the love of our physical parents that gave us the building blocks of life in this body.   It is magnetic as it draws unto itself all that is the beauty and joy of life. All that is the newness of creation as it holds the universe together.

The truly sad thing is that the physical part of the heart, the part that has undergone to much trauma, or seen to many acts of betrayal can also be broken.   What we are often not taught while growing up is that above all else the heart is precious and it needs to be protected from hate.  Not protected by fear of loss – but protected from the callousness of the ego of others and at times even our own.

The selfish actions of ourselves or others can damage the heart and flow of the chakra.   How many times have you felt a sharp pain in your chest from acts of cruelty or insensitive actions and comments?

[Once when I went to the Doctors from the pain in my chest the physician said I had what he referred to as a ‘boxers’ rib cage it was so hard. (My heart was fine and no I have never boxed) My ribcage it would seem had created a harden layer of protection. I can only assume to protect my heart from all the hatred I had been feeling in the world. ]

What you can do to help put the frequency of the Heart Chakra back in balance. 

Living in this 3D realm we know the world we live in has many levels of hatred, many act it out as being cruel – thus we must not be cruel. We know that those we love may betray us – thus we must not betray those that are dear to us.  We know that there will be those that will lie – thus we must not lie.  We know that there will those that will act without thought or compassion – thus we must act thoughtfully and compassionately.

Meditation on the frequency of the Ruby ray and thus unconditional love.

I am a being of ruby fire, my heart chakra is the purity of love God desires.

Even still after treating the others as we wish to be treated we must still go the extra step and treat our heart well by doing what the heart needs us to do.  Do what we dream to be, what give us joy, do what our soul came here to do.  Not for just material wealth, money or fame. All that is about as real as the purpose of vanity.  But for the pure satisfaction of doing what our soul the child like part of us, is here for and gets excited about doing. It is then not at all work that we do but play.  Whether we able to fulfill our hearts desire all day everyday or just an hour a day.  It is important to try.  Focusing daily on the little things in life we love and the beauty within that goes a long way to healing.

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About – 2nd Ray & Crown Chakra

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The Crown chakra is about the gaining and use of Wisdom, of our connection with our spiritual self, of discernment towards the right thoughts, words or actions we then take in the physical. It reflects a part of the brains intellect that we gain mastery over. The part that creates the never ending chatter and instead follows the quiet still path towards enlightenment. It reflects our compassion and humbleness towards life, always moving towards the goal of understanding the roles we play in creation and in the 3D realm.

Though the meaning of colour varies in cultures, a Golden Yellow is typically considered a cheerful, full of life and abundance, a spiritual colour and a symbol of enlightenment as in a Saints halo for example or the Buddhist monks that wore golden saffron / yellow robes.

When a crown Chakra is imbalanced with a sense of unworthiness it can appear muddied, more like the colour of a darker mustard.   Thoughts of jealousy have elements of green present.   Thoughts of pride can bring on a dirty orange colour.

What you can do to help put the frequency of the Crown Chakra back in balance?

I am a being of golden fire, my crown chakra is the clarity of mind God desires.

Foremost meditate – ironically one gets there faster by doing nothing.  Literally! Which is much harder than it seems especially for women. Women it seems have a bit of a harder time stilling the mind, probably because they are also able to use both sides of the brain simultaneously.  This is great for multi tasking and doing 10 things at once, but harder for meditating.   Men on the other hand seem to be able to focus in on one thing and stay focused for much longer.  

Technically one just needs to be quiet, to sit quiet, still the body and the mind and patiently listen for the small quiet voice of your higher self, your Christ consciousness ie the part of God within guide you.   The voice of God is the voice of the Christ that often just waits to be felt first, before it can be heard and as it resides within you, it is a feeling of unconditional love and compassion. One that resides without judgement.

 The voice of the Christ is always a gentle, kind, compassionate voice, without any anger, judgement or malice or manipulation. Without any wants other than to express love unconditionally and bring you closer to the oneness of the heart of God – your I am Presence.

For the rest of the day the other things that can assist in the balancing of mind and the crown chakra is to wear a bit of pure gold.  Imagine it is like wearing a bit of the sun in a solid form.   Wearing items of yellow silk and / or gemstones of Citrine, yellow Sapphire & yellow Apatite are all helpful in raising up the frequency of the body to match the higher frequencies of the Christ self.  Aragonite is another gemstone that helps to center and stabilize, regain self control, be patient and release past wounds.

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About – 1st Ray & Throat Chakra

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The 1st ray also represents spoken word and holds the keys to creation.  “Let there be light” (Alpha) and “there was Light” (Omega). It can also be that which brings forth change, positively or negatively, either through harmony or discordant use of words.  What we say and how we say it creates energetic patterns for good, or ill, and thus also create the energetic patterns of our karma in that frequency with that Chakra and then corresponding area of the body.  Karma just being that mess that we need to not ignore but be responsible for and just clean it up.  Change its frequency to one that is more positive and balanced in nature.

When our voice is silenced, or when we hold our tongue when we should speak up, we block the flow of energy of our souls major source of power – our voice.  This source of power is also the point of protection for us and others.  We protect not only our own soul from becoming cowardly but the souls of others. Through using our voice we create a field of blue protection for the truth, for the christic child within. 

This is done when we need to warn others of danger (the real kind) or a cry out for help and speaking up for those without a voice or at least one we understand.  Animals have voices and a language most of us though just don’t understand it.  And yes that is totally our responsibility to learn to understand them. 

On a side note : Originally the purpose of dressing the Police officers and constables in blue uniforms was to reinforce the ideals of ‘to serve and protect’ those that were vulnerable to harm.  Sometimes we can have so much ‘blue’ in our aura that words may even be unnecessary the uniform says it all.

Words only sent in love, compassion and understanding may not always be welcomed (at times) but are always felt.  As are words sent out with the energy of a lie, gossip, anger, malice or disdain of another, whether they are present or not, hurt both the sender and the receiver.  Such is the power of the voice and the power of sound.  Thus, sound can either create or destroy. 

The frequency of a high-pitched voice can shatter glass, the frequency of the words of love can both heal a troubled soul or create beautiful and always unique designs in crystalline formation.  As demonstrated in the numerous frozen drops of water photographed by the famous work of Masaru Emoto.