EMF balancing for the Chakras

Your Chakras function on the frequencies of their corresponding organs.  (This is the same for everyone – well unless your not from around here – then that’s a whole other issue.)

When those organs are effected by the external electromagnetic frequency (radiated by non-thermal microwave) via cells phones, wifi, s-meters, and now G5 .  The frequencies of the Chakra’s and thus the corresponding organs are also effected.  It causes inflammation at the cellular level.   To reduce the negative impact of all the current origin of these frequencies and the effects they have on the body there are a number steps you can to take but first becoming educated is essential.   Ignorance of this issue is very harmful to not only your health, the children’s health but that of the planet. 

Since the technical ‘djinn’ is out of the bottle most people will never settle for the way things used to be, just less that a decade ago.  By becoming educated we can take steps to protect our bodies, our family and our health. At the highest levels of industry, all this information is known and ignored simply due to selfish greed.   The studies done around the world that show the negative effects are not acknowledged by the big corporations.   Yet here in Vancouver BC you will not see the cell phone towers in ‘their’ neighbourhoods. 

Like the cigarette industry of the past they lied for profits over safety and get their ‘experts’ to discredit those that did the studies and have the facts to prove it.   The WHO has gone so far as to on one hand call exposure a Class 2b carcinogen and on the other hand still tell Dr’s to get their clients to seek a psychiatrist. ”  December 2005

“Physicians: Treatment of affected individuals should focus on the health symptoms and the clinical picture, and not on the person’s perceived need for reducing or eliminating EMF in the workplace or home. This requires:

  • a medical evaluation to identify and treat any specific conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms,
  • a psychological evaluation to identify alternative psychiatric/psychological conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms,
  • an assessment of the workplace and home for factors that might contribute to the presented symptoms. These could include indoor air pollution, excessive noise, poor lighting (flickering light) or ergonomic factors. A reduction of stress and other improvements in the work situation might be appropriate.”

A rather large disconnect here I would surmise. 

On another note – I am most definitely not a luddite.   I love science, innovation and technology but it needs (as with many things in life) to have its limits set. There needs to be stronger boundaries created as to how it is used.  

I used to work in the IT industry. We had our own company and we built networks, wired and then wireless, so I have seen the arrival of both.   I will always use the technology that allows me to access the internet and I spend way to much time on my computer via a fibre connection.   BUT – I do not have a wireless modem at home (it gives me vertigo and causes my heart to race).  Yes you can still get them you will though have to make a fuss.  Bridging modems are often flaky and don’t work as stated.   They also think you can’t tell….sigh

 I do have an older cellphone but that spends much of it’s time in Airplane mode.  I do not have a cordless phone at home either, we use a VOIP system.   I also protect myself from exposure as much as humanly possible while still living in a city. 

Dr. Madga Havas is an Associate Professor,
Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent Univ. Professor which has been educating people on the dangers of EMF and Cancer around the world for years.


Less EMF website

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Less EMF channel is a great resource to begin your research in EMF exposure and what you can do about it. To protect yourself or your family.

A little intro video on what to be aware of in your home.

Though I do have an Earthing mat from ‘Earthing’ that looks the same I haven’t as yet tried this product from Less EMF.