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2nd time customer
2nd time customer@Kitsilano farmers market
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Mu-Pu'erh - Just love the earthiness - I am heading back home now - so I am taking some back with me.
Vendor@Main street farmers market
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Mu-Pu'erh - love love this tea - it is like medicine to my body!
Emilia - regular tea drinker
Emilia - regular tea drinker@UBC Farm Market
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Your blending is magical
Member@UBC Farm - 49th & Main Chai
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It was a really well-balanced blend, warming with spices but not too much heat, and was fantastic with a bit of coconut milk. The first chai I’ve had where I didn’t think it needed any sweetener, even! Nice and energizing.
Member@UBC Farm
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Dirty pu-erh is pretty good. (review didn't state which one they had tried)




Finally an Anti-Parasite tea you can actually drink. 

Yes I know – such a lovely topic but like all things uncomfortable to talk about – ignoring it doesn’t actually ever make it better or go away.  Just sayin…

So – If you’ve ever tried drinking the herb Wormwood, a major killer of parasites, the taste is so bitter it’s really no surprise at all that it really works. 

The combination of herbs used in this blend are either known for their anti-parasitic properties or aids in the process, with the added benefit of spearmint and peppermint to help make it way more palatable.  

I added the minty flavours to make it more tasty. Compliance to a regular program of detoxing the body of these little nasties is really the point here. 

Anyways – Buying a tea, if you can’t find any reason to also enjoy, makes the whole idea of it all that more unpleasant especially it if you have to take it every day.  For a whole week – twice a month – for 3 months – at least….sigh.

Anti-Paratea changes the game. A tea that is easy to enjoy evening beverage, that works while you sleep.

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