Welcome to my listings of favourites

Welcome to my fav's page

Listed in the main Menu are books and items I have (or would like to have) and thus a part of my personal wish-list.

It is also a list of links to Amazon and the Affiliate program they offer. 

I have added them to this site as it accomplishes a couple things.

1st) It’s is a very handy resource.  It’s a page to refer people to when I get asked about
the source of my inspirations, the source of my knowledge, the sources of the herbs I use.
Most of the books I use regularly for references in tea and herb blending are included here.
2nd) It is a passive source of income that allows me to keep the costs of
Darsana Teas line of Herbal Chakra blends lower.

I always use the highest quality organic herbs and teas for blending. 
I have a very strong commitment to protect the environment, I even hand make the organic cotton bags the Chakra teas are sold in.

Every little bit of support from you will help me - help others.

When considering a purchase of a book or equipment - please use one of the links on this site,
it doesn’t cost you any more, but it does help to support me so I may continue to add
more new blends and self-help content in the future.
Please bookmark my site as I will continue to add great teas, useful products and books.