EMF balancing for the Chakras

Your Chakras function on the frequencies of their corresponding organs.  When those organs are effected by the external electromagnetic frequency of cells phones, wifi, s-meters. Their frequencies and thus the corresponding organs are also effected. 

To reduce the negative impact of all these new MANmade frequencies and the effects they have on the body there are steps you can to take.

Since the technical ‘djinn’ is out of the bottle most people will never settle for the way things used to be, just less that a decade ago.  But educated we can take steps to protect our bodies, our family and our health.

Please be aware that at the highest levels all this information is known and ignored simply due to greed.

Dr. Madga Havas is an Associate Professor,
Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent Univ. Professor which has been educating people on the dangers of EMF and Cancer around the world for years.


Less EMF website

A great resource!

Less EMF channel is a great resource to begin your research in EMF exposure and what you can do about it. To protect yourself or your family.

A little intro video on what to be aware of in your home.

Though I do have an Earthing mat from ‘Earthing’ that looks the same I haven’t as yet tried this product from Less EMF.