Hello – Welcome Thanks so much for stopping by – In my world Darsana is the Goddess of Tea.  

A Goddess that bestows enlightenment, compassion and wisdom, on those that cherish the abundance of life and the gifts the Goddess freely gives to all. 

The name or word darsana or darshana with an H at its basic level is Like a source of inspiration, an idea that comes like a gift from the universe.

I am Renée  – founder of Darsana Tea I am herbal blender, graphic artist and designer of all things on the Darsana Tea website, brand and creator of all the Chakra blends.

After a life time of studying the esoteric teachings  of the East and West, reading numerous books from many sources, some of which include my studies of World Religions at Langara College.  

 My journey has now led me to sharing my story about how the creation of Darsana Tea came to be.  

Back in 2003 I owned a small cafe in Edmonton, and I began blending herbs with tea but doing so mainly for flavour.   

 I then began to notice that the teas I was making created a sensation a movement of energy in a part of my body.  

 This I later determined was due to the frequency of the plant and how that plant resonated with the frequencies of the organs.  

 I later confirmed that each herb I tried where the energy went and how they were historically used to help heal by putting that organ back into balance with its original frequency. .   

This led me to exploring the idea of creating a line of herbal tea blends that focused on the areas of the body consistent with the location of the chakras.   

 Thus the 7 chakra blends I have here are based on the frequency, colour and flavour of fruits, roots flowers and leaves. All created through my personal experience with the plants via numerous tea cuppings with the intent of determining the energetic frequency of the plants. 

But as luck would have it instead of moving forward with this idea it went indefinitely onto the back burner all due to an illness that came upon me very suddenly in 2005. 

I acquired Labyrinthitis a type of viral infection that left me very sick and basically unable to walk (let alone just move) for about a month. 

After taking many more months to heal, which meant I basically rewired the neural pathway from the labrininth to the brain.

I did this primarily though walking daily down 5 flights of stairs rather than take the elevator it was slow going at first but with persistence I am fine.  (except around lots of EMF signals – that gives me vertigo too) The Homeopathic Vertigoheel works very well with that also. 

After all that time away – I was still forced to close the café. I was pretty devastated by this turn of events as I had worked so hard at getting to this point in life only to have it end so soon only 2 years of being open.  

So as with that in mind decided that ‘well I guess the universe doesn’t want me to go any further here with my teas, or maybe even with Edmonton’, the lovely city I grew up in.

I decided then that it must mean it was time to do something completely different and move back to the city I was born in,  but didn’t grow up in – Vancouver B.C.

Time to be once again by the ocean and go through a new rebirth if you will.  


2006 I moved back to Vancouver and started studying Display & Design at Langara which I loved doing. But did not resonate with the rather competitive nature that was also being promoted. Thus after going back to work for awhile I went into an Academics program studying Anthropology / Archaeology with some Fine Arts courses.  Unfortunately again I had to leave but this time due to the extremely high costs of living in Vancouver, and lack of finances, I was not able to complete the program and get the degree I was working towards. 

I eventually moved into working in film (tried the Art Department for awhile) I ended up joining the camera union IATSE 669 as one of Vancouver’s very few female Digital Loaders then D.I.T’s Digital Imaging Technician. For those interested in what I worked on, I am on IMDB. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2683727/

During this time though I kept thinking about how I might still create my own line of Chakra focused herbal teas and in 2017 I decided maybe it was now time.

I created all the images you see with the Goddess, the chakras and logo’s. I created this website and of course all the blends.

 In 1995 I worked (and learnt so much) at Self Heal Herbal while living in Edmonton, run by Robert and Lori Rogers (incredibly knowledgeable couple) who now have the Northern Star College.  I also studied some herbology through the Wild Rose College.   But more currently I have also taken online courses through Evolutionary Herbalism, The Herbal Academy,  Learning Herbs, and now a great program out of the UK The Heartwood Foundation Course in Herbal Medicine.

Though my life often went off in an entirely different directions.  I never stopped learning or using plant based medicine.  I also continue with online courses which offer a recognized by the industry Tea Sommelier accreditation and herbal tea blending courses.  

With all the skills I have learned during the Tea Somm classes, I began documenting visually all the tea cuppings I was doing.  Tasting and testing over a hundred teas and herbs, noting the primary and secondary Chakra they open, their compatibility with each other and with flavour. Then double checking their historically documented properties with the corresponding organs. Many of these cupping, with images are up on the website Darsana Herbal

The resultant line of teas was done over a period of 2 years which basically means I did lots of R & D around teas, herbs and blending.  I attended many workshops, expos, conventions, sought out suppliers, local and stateside.  Looking for companies that were sensitive to not only the environment but my very specific colour needs and budgetary restrictions around labels and of course packaging. 

A little bit about the colours used.  One question that comes up is the differences in the colours I use for the visual representation of the Chakras.

The colours of the Chakras that have now gone mainstream was not firmly established in the mind sets of most of those in the esoteric and new age movements until after 1968. Thus it now  considered another ‘westernized’ version of the original Hindu teachings.

The colouring of the Chakras had been started by those that could see the colours in peoples aura’s and how they reflected peoples emotional states at the time.

Most where not given credit for that work.  H. P. Blavatsky,  Charles W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Guy & Edna Ballard, Elizabeth Claire Prophet – Human Aura etc. come to mind.  The later is the colour arrangement I have chosen to use. 

See attached image from the book  Rainbow Body.

This current version of the Chakra system seemed to come about through a rather large 1000 page tome written by Christopher B Hills.  Nuclear Evolution: Discovery of the Rainbow Body. 

He knew from all the past esoteric studies available that the aura was like a coat of many colours. That these colours came from the frequencies of the Chakras. The frequencies of the chakras were also related to what was going on within the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. As in how they were being used. 

I haven’t read the book in its entirety its hard to say if he intended it to imply this was actually what the Chakras are like definitively or if over the decades others have simply interpreted their own version of the colour system around this interpretation.  

Without light there is no colour so it would stand to reason that with more ‘light’ one has the more colour in the aura one has. One thing that is pretty consistent with those that do see the aura is that negative emotions are muddied / dark / lower order un-evolved colours – more grey and sometimes even black. Positive emotions are more cleaner, lighter and higher order or evolved colours, more with pure white or pastels.  

For further study – On this page is a list of the books to read more about this. They are all from well respected authors in their field of study.

3rd Eye Chakra
3rd Eye Chakra

Take for instance we know that red at times comes from the Root / Base chakra. So because we know that this can and does happen he then, it would seem and incorrectly surmised that the root Chakras natural state is then of course – Red!

sigh… nope – in its purest form it’s a pearlescent white*.

Think intense white fire with flashes of colour.  This is the white fire flame of creation, of the Mother – thus in the moment of creation of life we start as a flame of pure white light. 

Anyways he simply took the image of the rainbow and conveniently super-imposed it over the body.  Done….

Though as mentioned it is true that the colour red can come through the base Chakra.  It’s more about the why of it being red.  

Ok then – so what’s wrong with that you say. Well…. and also technically speaking the colour red is also the lowest in frequency as violet is the highest (visibly speaking).  Red is the colour that is associated with things that are also high intensity and not always the good kind. But of uncontrolled passion through rage, anger, lust and war.  Isn’t Mars considered the God of War and the planet is mostly red?  Don’t we say we ‘see red’ when we’re angry?

Besides, all the emotions of that frequency can get really dark and begin acting out very negatively really fast. When that happens it needs to be transformed and then raised to the frequency or energy of something that it was not.  That being energy of adding white – Compassion, Love, and Purity with that we now have changed the frequency of red to the colours and frequency of a ruby (violet / blue / pink) a colour being raised and expressed out of the heart Chakra.

Why do we see red – simply speaking it is because of the frequency that the earth had de-evolved to.  Without getting into all the history of this.  This has everything to do with the frequency and tones that we listen to through music.  Starting with the 4th Root race which moved the Earth into a state were we are maintaining a sense of perpetual duality.  We didn’t start in that way, but due to free will we have ended up in that way.   So for the earth to evolve and return to its higher frequency state out of duality we also need to evolve – out of duality. Duality is not defined by there being 2 genders either.  That’s another can of worms entirely.  But one of ‘believing’ (the lie) that evil is necessary for the good to exist. That black is necessary for white to exists. Since black is the absence of light and white is the presence of all light. It’s actually the other way around.  But if by our freewill choices we are not ready, when this being we can a planet continues to evolve – the outcomes for many will vary. 

It might also be worth noting that in physics and astronomy we know that we currently see only 4% of the visible universe.  96% of it is ‘dark energy’ ‘dark mater’ what does that mean?  Well it means 96% of the universe runs on a frequency of energy and mater that OUR physical eyes cannot actually see.  We know its there but we’re (possibly) too spiritually blind or un-evolved to either see or comprehend it.  A humbling and sobering thought really. 

More info on this in The Human Aura

*Those that I have talked to that have actually gone through the kundalini experience, have also confirm this.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra

The lower expression of emotion, coming through as the colour  red is expressed as the lowest frequency of what should have been white. That means then when your expressing your Root Chakra as RED, instead of WHITE its also saying your not expressing this Chakra with a very spiritually evolved level of the mastery of that emotion. Which is fine – if that’s where your spiritually at in that your a very young or new soul.  IF your not a new soul and your not trying to master your emotional body or work on your spiritual evolution – well welcome to the world of your going to reap what you sow. So to speak.  In others words your old enough to know better so maybe it’s time to pull up your big girl – big boy pants and deal with it. 

This then becomes more of an ego thing (if we chose to ignore it) and if we are here to spiritually evolve (we are) overall it may serve us better to focus our attention less on our ego needs but on our Root Chakra being the purity of a white fire instead.

Since white contains all colours as it rises it is also purifies the other Chakras into expressing their evolved and higher states being, rather than staying in an un-evolved and a lower consciousness state.  Or in other words PMSing or the poor me syndrome – I want what I want – just don’t stand in my way! This is just as much a male issue as it is a female issue.

Next, If you think about it do you really want your root Chakra ie kundalini rising through the other Chakras as red? A colour with one the lowest of the frequencies well next to black* that is? 

In art class when you mix red with anything but white you pretty much just get muddy colours that lean towards a brown. Doesn’t sound like you’d end up with very clean Chakras or very enlightened either.

It should be pretty easy to put 2 & 2 together then deduce that if red is a frequency of lust and or rage then red is also frequency that can ONLY exist on the realms (like the physical) of a lower frequency.   Rage and lust being 2 of the 7 deadly sins and the frequency of red it makes complete sense that this frequency cannot exist in the higher frequencies and enlightened realms of the Angels / Masters or around those that have already attained the ascension.  IE They mastered their emotions especially ones that resonated with this frequency or they would never had ascended thus where they reside it cannot.  So next time you hear of a master that is on the red ray, a completely contradictory statement you might want to question exactly what is the source and what is the motivation behind saying that?

Mastery of the physical means overcoming the hardest part, that being mastery of the emotions.  And – if you’ve now reading this it probably also means you needed a refresher to remind your self of this and if you’ve slipped spiritually to get back on track. 

Those that are very new souls probably won’t even find this site.  And there is no judgement towards that. Some souls really really like using red in all they do.  The Asian culture really likes all things red.  That is where their at thus it is perfect for them at this time.  

When people are ready they will move to the more deeply intense Ruby fire colour of the heart.

*Technically – Black is not actually even a colour but the absence of light.  

Seat of Soul Chakra
Seat of Soul Chakra

Please note that what we are mainly talking about is a focus of Red as it relates to the Root Chakra.

In other words the negative release of light energy in the frequency of the colour Red via the Root Chakra – through rage, anger or lust.

That being said wearing red or seeing to much red in your environment can also over stimulate the root Chakra negatively.


As we are all still in the physical and our blood currently is still red, we can also still benefit medicinally from the physical effect that infrared and Red Light Therapy * can have on the body.  It will penetrate the skin to enhance healing through stimulation of the circulatory system.

When we have mastered the physical and evolved so will our physical body.  Our physical body then will be quite different (no not like the ugly scifi types) and with that our blood will also no longer be – red.


*Not endorsing the info on this site or book – just consider it a reference point for more information.

Darsana Goddess of Tea
Darsana Goddess of Tea

The intent for the herbal tea Chakra blends is first and foremost to aid in creating a balance the frequencies of the Chakras. Doing this through the combined use of the frequencies and colours of the herbs. Hopefully to aid in attaining the sense of having a ‘Darsana’ moment one cell at a time.

When a body is aligned and in-tune with the frequency or rhythm of the earth and properly grounded in reality, it is nearer to maintaining a state of balance. 

One then can gain easier access to the higher realms of spiritual attainment to consciously participate or aid in our souls evolution, and technically our reason for being. 

This in turn allows us to connect with the frequency of our own Christ Consciousness, and our own Higher Self.  As well as the Angelic guardians here to assist in souls growth through protection and guidance.

Last but definitely not the least, all the Nature spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The great beings, or the elementals of the earth that provide and nurture our every need so that our soul and body has an opportunity to simply remain in the physical.   We need them for us to evolve and to ascend, as they will also benefit from our evolution and our ascension.

All the herbs and teas used for the blends are organic sourced from reputable suppliers locally, Gathering Place Trading Company, Chickadee Farm and then just south of the boarder, via Starwest Botanicals, Mountain Rose Herbs, Pacific Botanicals, Wild Oregon Harvest. 

I hope you’ll get a chance to try the teas and have gained a little more incite as to the background of their origin. 



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